W-Sat: Breakfast 8-11. Lunch 11-2. Dinner W 5-7.


ESSEN offers 100% plant-based meals for pick-up, delivery, or catering. 

Mother-daughter duo Patricia Bittner and Lida Bilokur have teamed up with Food Scientist Yasel López to elevate vegan cuisine and realizing the untapped potential of the panoply of non-animal based resources. Together they bring market insight, creativity, and a deep understanding of flavor profiles to surprise you and change your mind about what plant based eating is like.

"At ESSEN, our original intent is when you experience our food, we give you something that is not only delicious, but takes advantage of all the potential within the ingredients and is beautifully composed with smells, taste and visuals all integrated into an artistic experience."

ESSEN takes it to the next level by sticking to the principles of sustainability and zero-waste. 

The result? An artful and convenient way to eat responsibly!