Eating well is an art form; some would say it’s a discipline. Eating locally grown foods shouldn’t be a chore. ESSEN believes that sustainable, healthy food should be community ACCESSIBLE and delicious.

Founders Patricia Bittner and Lida Bilokur have teamed up with Food Scientist and Head Chef Yasel López to offer crave-worthy plant-based lunches for pick-up or delivery.

With López at the helm, this modern little kitchen takes a practical and flavorful approach to its offering. After biting into Essen’s Jerk Sandwich, experiencing the flavors of the pumpkin muffins, or tasting the Smokey Essen Burger, you’ll be surprised to learn that these satisfying, delicious dishes are not only beautiful and filling, but also 100% PLANT BASED.

López brings a deep understanding of rich flavor profiles to the table, and you can taste his expertise in food science. “With Yasel, every ingredient serves a purpose and every spice brings a unique flavor.” says Bilokur. “It’s a challenge in itself to create shockingly delicious, healthy meals using only plants, but Chef Yasel takes it to the next level by sticking to the principles of sustainability and zero-waste.” The result? An artful and convenient way to eat responsibly.